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Thom Woodley Thom Woodley (Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Composer, Bobbin the Minstrel)
is a writer, filmmaker, musician and web video pioneer headquartered in Brooklyn. With his partners he helped usher in the web video revolution with the launch of the hipster comedy The Burg, one of the first scripted and professionally produced web series. That was followed by The All-For-Nots, a docudramedy about an indie rock band on tour, executive produced by Michael Eisner. In the meantime, Dinosaur Diorama has become one of the top online production companies (according to the Hollywood Reporter). He is a multiple Webby and Streamy Award nominee, and has won the Cannes Lion and Effie Awards for his work as the writer behind Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. He also co-created Violet Elysia Woodley, the critically acclaimed two year old. Thom first wrote All’s Faire in 2004 as a screenplay with Bob McClure, and he’s ecstatic to see it come to life online.
Bob McClure Bob McClure (Creator, Writer, Co-Producer, Ian the Wizard)
Actor, Pickle maker, and Writer, Bob splits his time between Brooklyn and Detroit. Represented commercially by Abrams Artists he most recently he shot a spot for Verizon and has appeared in commercials for Staples, Time Warner and Quizno’s, among others. Additionally, he has worked in theater performing at The Kennedy Center, The Guthrie Theater, Arena Stage, and many more. He is also the co- owner of McClure’s Pickles alongside his brother Joe. All’s Faire has been a long- term project for he and Thom and is happy to have worked with an amazing group to make it happen.
Matt Yeager Matt Yeager (Writer, Supervising Editor, Producer, Web, Smokey the Blacksmith)
is a writer, performer, and Partner of Dinosaur Diorama Productions. He Co-wrote and performed in “The Burg,” one of the first successful sitcoms on the internet, and wrote for “The All-For-Nots,” a co-production with Michael Eisner’s Vuguru. Most recently, he and Jeff Skowron created “Greg & Donny,” which if you haven’t seen, you really should watch at
Johnny North Johnny North (Director, Cinematographer)
is a filmmaker and musician from Brooklyn. After studying painting at Pratt Institute and film at NYU, Johnny co-produced his first feature film, The Tavern, directed by Walter Foote. He then produced Honey, by David Ball, before turning his attention to television. He has worked in TV as a DP for the past 10 years, lighting just about every major Hollywood actor you could name as they promote their films. In 2006, he hooked up with Thom to shoot the Burg, and began pioneering the web video world. He plays bass in the band Bird Of Youth, and recently made a pretty remarkable kid.
Ashlea Hartz (Producer, Art Direction)
has worked wtih high profile clients such as AT&T, MTV Networks, and Bjork. Since 2007, she has produced two short films with director Jessica Brillhart from the Fox Series The Lot. She then connected with Thom Woodley and Matt Yeager, to produce their last series All’s Faire in 2008. Currently, Ashlea is also attached to multiple feature length independent films slated for distribution in 2010, including The Four Faced Liar with director Jacob Chase (, and Between Kings and Queens, which was shot in Austin, TX this summer.
Josephine Rose Roberts Josephine Rose Roberts (Art Direction, Editor Nora the Tavern Whore)
Broadway:”How The Grinch Stole Christmas!” 2006 & 2007, TV:PBS’ “The Electric Company,” Nat’l Tours:”Cats 25th Anniversary,” (Rumpleteazer), “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!,” Broadway L.A. 2009
Clint Higgins Clint Higgins (Camera, Lighting)
is a freelance lighting/camera/audio technician from Jersey City. He’s been working in the field for a number of years and is always excited to be a part of smaller, more demanding shoots that reward creativity. Currently he is a producer at a television station in Central Jersey, and has also shot, edited and done sound for The Burg and The All-For-Nots.
Joseph Battelli Joseph Battelli (Sound) “Joey Batts” A Brooklyn kid making a name for himself as a sound mixer. Recently graduated from Brooklyn College and never looked back. In short to come will join the FDNY and hopes to bounce back and forth to sound recording on his off days, eventually doing sound full time once he retires as a firefighter.
Dave Gonzales Dave Gonzales (Camera Assistant) is a writer/producer that was born in Los Angeles, raised in Boulder, Colorado and now resides in Brooklyn, pondering his next Eastward move. Dave has only two missions in life: to produce entertaining content with his company Brillhart/Gonzales Productions and to finally make it to Derry, Maine to kill the shapeshifting clown living in the sewers there. Follow Dave on Twitter.
James Spruill (Editor)
edits with a short sword +2 and a bag of holding. He has worked on comedies (The-All-For-Nots,The Burg), documentaries (Science Channel’s Base Camp Moon, Who Killed Brian Wells?), writing about music, and filming musicians for online content (, and bike riding anywhere good times are had. Check out for more.
Chris Chan Roberson (Editor) spends his time doing (more or less) three things: Chris is the Executive Director of Post Production at the Undergraduate Film and Television Department at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He is the co-founder of Experimental Troupe Comedy ( is celebrating its 15 year anniversary and was recently featured on NY1 as well as Independently, he is a freelance editor and has edited projects for Christian McBride, SonyBMG, and, of course, The Burg and the All-For-Nots.

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